At GARA We Strive To:

  • Establish fair trade practices among the industry.

  • Provide input to the legislatures as to how the rules and regulations presently made could fairly and sensibly be worked out to help both the consumer an dour industry.

  • Promote a better understanding between our industry and the general public.

GARA Code of Ethics

GARA Members will constantly strive to provide the public with a maximum degree of satisfaction for the services rendered and merchandise sold.

GARA Members will be truthful and accurate in all advertising and selling of there used parts.

GARA Members will establish fair and adequate wage scales so that their employees will serve as satisfied members of the community as a whole.

GARA Members will develop among themselves and their employees a keen sense of social responsibility and community service.

GARA Members will comply with the rules and regulations prescribed by local, state and federal laws, and will cooperate with the various agencies thereof.

GARA Members will promote uniformity and close cooperation in customs and practices of the industry.

GARA Members will conduct their affairs in such a manner to inspire all others in the automotive recycling industry to follow and respect their Code of Ethics and to realize the value of such membership in an organization which supports such a code. We believe our customers should be treated as we want to be treated ourselves.

As GARA members, we will uphold ourselves to the highest standards by educating ourselves on local, state and federal laws and by keeping informed on any changes that may impact our industry.

We will achieve professional and personal growth through participation in and support of the GARA Association and its wide variety of meetings, professional speakers, our Newsletter and open communication among our fellow members.

The base of our profession is our parts, which we properly represent with an emphasis on quality.

As a recycler we live our business. We are saving valuable natural resources as we are recycling as much as possible from the vehicles we process in our clean, safe, orderly and environmentally friendly facilities.

Social responsibility is a must, and we provide this by our assistance to local charitable organizations and by being a good neighbor.

GARA Headquarters
C/o Sue McKinney
P. O. Box 81976
Conyers, Georgia 30013

Phone (770) 483-5777
Toll Free (800) 519-3997
Fax (770) 483-5723

Benefits of being a GARA member

. A bi-monthly newsletter containing specific information on various topics of interest within the Auto & Truck Dismantling and Recycling Industry.

b. Vital information on present and pending state and federal regulations and legislation affecting the salvage industry.

c. Competitive Truck Freight Shipping Discounts.

d. Conventions, Trade Shows, Educational Seminars, Printed Materials and interaction with other salvage owners and professionals.

e. Membership Plaques.

f. Industry Specific Insurance Company Programs with Certification.

g. Eligibility to be on the GARA / Car-Part.Com insurance parts exchange program.

h. Industry Professional Consulting & Training for all aspects of your Salvage Operation.

ANNUAL DUES = $150.00